A girl dances in her room. It won’t be seen, won’t be heard. This moment is for her only. Her heart is beating, and the world is steady but she is not. She lets gravity take control of her body and falls to her bed; her pink, soft, innocent bed of sweet dreams and nightmares, of oddly shaped stains and cookie crumbs. The song still plays on and she focuses on the ceiling where glow in the dark stars lay. The mind is rarely blank, without any thought or worry. No thought or worry about the dead flowers in the kitchen, or the far hour of the night, or even the nightmare she will have to face when the sun rises; when she wakes up from this seemingly unreal reality. At 12am she is a goddess enveloped in white clouds. The fairies sing for her, her jumps shake the earth beneath her. At 1am she is the moon. Her black hair now the backdrop of the singing night. The moon has a secret; she knows the world far too well.

But there she is, staring at her ceiling with no thoughts besides the lyrics to this song.  If she had to, she could conquer the world. At 2am, there she lies. There they lie. There are the secret moments for no one but themselves. They are kept forever in those pink sheets, and the glow in the dark stars and in that song, that is just so damn catchy.

hey y’all ! This little paragraph is for all of you out there who have solo dance parties in their rooms. That feeling of such euphoria and freedom when it is just you jumping and prancing on a bed is amazing. 2am is to capture this time in my life, and possibly the lives of many other angsty teens. enjoy!


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