dear future gremlins of mine!


Dear …

This is the first of many letters I will be writing to you. I hope life is treating you well right now, and if not, give it a kick in the ass. I guess you can treat these letters as words of advice so that when you live through these ages, and these happenings, you’ll have something to help you. Then again, you could just ask me. Here goes.

At 14, you will do many many embarrassing things. You might fart in front of the boy or girl you like, say the wrong things, and act the wrong way. Do not worry. Time will pass as it always does and these things will fade away from memories of all the people you, unfortunately, embarrassed yourself in front of. Most importantly, they are insignificant to you conquering the universe. (including those aliens up there)

Everybody who you have talked to, made relationships with, smiled, or simply glanced at has you in their lifetime roll of film. Maybe you played the role of the one who sold them a head of lettuce, the friend who gives the best hugs, the girl who broke their heart, the boy whose tears were worth nothing. Learn to make each role you play be the most extravagant, flamboyant thing they have ever experienced. All people dream for is some mystery, some fairytale, baffling occurrence in their life; something that will give them hope about reality. Why not you give it to them?

See you soon,


Dear …

I hope life has been treating you swell. Here’s the story of your grandmother and grandfather, or rather my mom and dad. At 14 you will be surpassing the stage of puberty, where your hormones are completely out of whack. You might be a complete hopeless romantic and think love is the most beautiful thing. Perhaps I’m wrong. Don’t worry. This is not a love story with an ending of white sashes and pastry truffles followed by an “I do”. Nope, even simpler. This is the story of your grandmother and grandfather.

I don’t know if love exists. What a concept! Nevertheless, it is something pretty magical to think of, isn’t it? Maybe it is simply enjoying time together. If love doesn’t exist, I think what my parents have might be just as good.

Your grandmother often said to me that she could have done better.  Always said with an effort to hide an uncontrollable smile, of course.  Yes, her in her plaid apron and flour everywhere standing high above the table and a plump ball of dough in hand. She had faded red lipstick and a pixie cut, which although suited her, did not give me much hair to play and fantasize with as a child. Then, the dough; it would spin pirouettes, flounce its frilly skirt, and leap great heights to land on our family’s dinner table with smiles all around. Well, that’s how I imagine her.

Your grandmother is beautiful. As a teenager, she was the girl who never quite was plain normal. She was classy with an air of confidence in each step she took. Back then in China, everything was much simpler than it is today. My parents would ride their bike home and talk to their friends, try to score the cheapest pound of pork in the grocery store. Your grandfather was not particularly handsome, yet he managed to win my mom over. How, you might ask? “I was clueless!”, your grandmother would say. I’d like to think a magical love spell of humour, and perhaps being a gentleman. I do not know much, but I do know that my dad would send my mom letters (love?) at work and is the kindest man. To this day, he can still make her laugh so joyously, whether it is with him or at him.  Maybe that’s all it took.

hey y’all! I wrote these two letters when I was 14. I am almost 16 now! Although they are not the best quality of writing they reflect what was on my mind during my early teenage years. I’d like to continue this series of letters to my future children. Who knows? It may become quite useful one day. xx wendy


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