no fiddlesticks given//ootd

Although this is a very simple outfit, nothing crazy, I really love it because it’s one of the few outfits I am able to express myself through. I am scared of many things; one of these things being self-expression through my dress. It’s incredibly stupid but I’m afraid to wear the things I want to wear! I fear sets of eyes looking at me, assessing me, analyzing me! Dressing for myself is a challenge for me as it all boils down to a single problem: I care too much. And so, let this be the start of not giving any fucks. xx Wendy

 // the outfit //

IMG_1568.JPG //shirt//

yellow sweatshirt from brandy melville, makes me feel like the sun


converse star shoes from a long time ago

//jeans baby//

jeans from brandy melville , these fit me so damn well!
btw sorry for all the weird tints on photos, I’m still a rookie! farewell

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂




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