shots from china// no zing

well hello! During the spring break, I visited the city of Cheng Du and Tang Shan. Chengdu was a place that perhaps perfectly encapsulated the essence of Chinese cities. My dad and I love spicy food and were thrilled to be visiting the home of all the dishes we love so dearly here in Canada. We thought they would be a thousand times better and were ready to indulge. We discovered that the food at tourist attractions was just not going to give us the authentic taste we wanted. Our taste buds were mediocrely satisfied, but we just didn’t know the right places to go. It seemed as if we walked and circled the whole city, and could not find a restaurant to experience authentic Sze Chuan food. We simply couldn’t find that zing. Surprisingly, the best food we did have was sold to us by people who carried their whole business on small carts no bigger than a  large dog? a small horse? These small businesses are everywhere and we mainly relied on them for breakfast food. Often the best food is hidden in the nooks and crannies of the city, in small streets and neighbourhoods. The best meal we had there, ironically, was at Pizza Hut. We had durian and Peking duck pizza and it was SO GOOD MAN. The Pizza Hut in China was amazing as there was spice and that Chinese twist of flavour I grew up eating.

Tangshan is just a two-hour drive away from Beijing, and it’s where my mom and dad grew up. All my extended family live there and so some quality family time was had. Anywhos, here are some pictures mainly from Chengdu.

misty views from our hotel
hot sweet soy milk that my dad would buy for breakfast every morn
iphone pic but I had to share this DURIAN/PEKING DUCK PIZZA because it was SO CREAMY AND GOOD.
me ahem looking sullen as ever next to Confucius? is that you?



my ma and pa
from a street of food and shops called jinli
candle prayers from the temple
look at this panda

// hope y’all enjoyed? at least the pic of the panda.

xx Wendy


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