the end of a period// period tabooz

For my final English project, we had to choose a social justice issue we feel strongly about to discuss through a speech and paraphernalia. I chose something that I felt affected my daily life, yet nobody ever talked about. The woman’s menstruation or more infamously believed: a disgusting plague only to be whispered about behind closed doors. In silence, this taboo speaks for itself.

Girls and women in many developing countries are told that their period is filthy, and this is their first lesson about their bodies. Do not touch the pickle jar! God forbid she enter the sacred temple while she is bleeding! Sanitary pads when bought, would be meticulously wrapped because how embarrassing if someone were to see! Yet even this is fortunate, for girls are forced to sacrifice education and health because of period shaming and embarrassment. Instead of educating women about their natural body cycles from which life is derived, they shy away from the topic because it is simply too taboo.  Many of these existing myths in developing countries are rooted in history and culture. I found myself, however, during my next period blushing in deep, red embarassment and quickly shoving a pad up my sleeve. This was an action I had performed so many times to hide that colourful cotton pad. When a friend was in need of this classified item, it would be shuffled oh so gingerly as if I was holding the secret recipe for the most divine noodle of all time. A few months ago, I needed my friend to slip me a pad. We were in the middle of the classroom. Thus, we put the poor rainbow thing between my laptop and shuffled to the back of the class. A quite flamboyant exchange, you can imagine. Even in ol’ Canada and other countries,  the taboo is a topic we choose to ignore.

This issue has many deeper levels of what the hell! When Kiran Ghandi ran the London marathon while bleeding freely, the internet went into a debate of whether or not she was disgusting. I mean, what an ugly word, what a pathetic argument. She, however, what a rockstar! I’ve only spent a maybe five hours researching this topic for an essay, and I am not an expert. I simply was intrigued, and baffled by my research and how big the impact is of something we are afraid to talk about. The only solution is, however, is to talk about it. Therefore, I am just conversing about it! putting it out there! plez spread the word. xx Wendy




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